Grow healthy for safe future. You may not afford expenses but you definately can afford savings

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individual membership

To join the Sacco one needs to;

  1. Complete the application for Membership Forms (Download here)
  2. Attach copy of Kenya National Identity Card or Valid Kenyan Passport
  3.  Present the forms to your payroll/HR office for submission to the Sacco office.

eligibility to join

  1. Membership is open to all staff of Java House Group i.e Java House, 360Degrees Pizza, Planet Yogurt and Kukito.
  2. Former staff of Java Group or any other individual referred by an active member. (Refer to Java Sacco By-Laws)

Our Rates


Ksh. 2,000

Min monthly contribution

Ksh. 1,000

share capital

Ksh. 5,000